UBS Business School is supported by a Steering Council, which consists of international experts who contribute to the UBS programmes with in many different areas. Members come from various backgrounds: Academic Partners (business schools and universities), Associated Partners (local chapter managers and trade associations) and Founding Partners (marketing industry). Here some examples of our partners.

ISBW. The relationship between an organization’s success and the personal behavior and wellbeing of its staff has always fascinated us. It led, in 1980, to the creation of our company. Time and again the power of the individual has been shown to be a decisive factor in an organization’s success – and that behavioral training made a positive contribution in this regard. Our clients have experienced that long-term investment in soft skills, team performance and leadership helps improve business results.

DE BAAK. De Baak is acknowledged as a leading training institute in the Netherlands. With a staff of more than three hundred professionals, a substantial network of over four hundred specialists with positions at universities, business schools, innovation centers and knowledge institutes around the world, De Baak has created and mastered various methods of learning. De Baak is located in the Netherlands: Driebergen, Noordwijk en The Hague. These locations play an essential role in the learning context.

DDM ALLIANCE. The Data-Driven Marketing Alliance is a pan-European industry-led alliance which enables marketing professionals from agencies and brands to become better marketers. Its portfolio of events and publications demystifies marketing technology and embraces best practices in marketing innovation. Insight is gained why data is central for marketing in the future.