CEO’s, Business Leaders and Senior Management in companies increasingly understand that learning is one of the most important tools for maintaining their leading position. The expectation of business leaders is to keep transforming the company in response to rapid changing market conditions and to challenge and support employees to achieve high performance in this uncertain environment. 

Tailor made

UBS Business School co-creates tailor madeprograms with you, or customized learning. Such learning is not isolated but always related to a higher goal: organisational development, team development or individual development. Our incompany learning programs support organizations in leading businesses to higher performance, improving results and work cost-effectively.

Our method

Our tailor-made courses focus on the specific organizational needs. In our programs we always start by focussing on the indivdual and the knowledge one has of the team/ company rules. From this point individuals and teams are further trained and developed. Our programs consist of solid theoretical and practical components.


We work together with our clients to provide tailor-made programs. These are generally developed in consultation with learning & development professionals within the organization and are designed to address the company’s management development issues. The topics can be wide ranging, including business-development, change-management, strategy, hr, marketing & sales, management & leadership, product management and finance & accounting, among others.

Global contexts

UBS Business School has co-developed many incompany programs with companies on topics that reflect an international dynamic. We have succesfully completed tailor-made programs for clients: ASR Insurance, NUON Energy, Rabobank, Avnet, and such. Our customer cases can be provided on request.

Questions? Contact our advisory team !

Please contact us with any question you may have about your learning needs or our programs and locations. If you would like advice on which of our programs would best suit your learning objectives, or if you have any questions concerning our programs or locations, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can contact our program advisors at +31 302270497, via email: or ask your question through this contact form

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