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Innovation is the keyword in the IT industry where technological developments are fast and competition ruthlessly hard. To survive in the long run companies therefore may have to reinvent themselves and stake their future on other and new areas. This Masterclass spans the process of IT innovation, via consumer behaviour to business development and marketing. How does a software or hardware product go from being just an idea to being launched on the market? The primary aim of this course is to add significant value to participants from the IT-industry, in domestic and international markets, through the development of strategic marketing and innovation thinking in an IT context. The Masterclass is especially relevant for those managers already working in the IT- industry at home and abroad who have a specific interest in marketing, innovation and entrepreneurship. 


– Trends, insights and developments in the IT industry.
– New insights derived from best practices and relevant IT cases
– The role management and leadership have in the innovation process
– Design and creation of an effective innovation- and development strategy
– Building an organisation with sufficient added value and innovation power
– Integrating and implementing the innovation strategy into the organisation
– Required skills needed to implement changes within the IT company
– Monitoring the effectiveness of the IT business innovation strategy
–  How to gain support from senior management for your aproach


The Masterclass ‘Business Development & Innovatie in the IT Industry’ will give you the required knowledge and skills to convert new ideas, new opportunities and new inventions into successful business ventures. This Masterclass will make you an expert at designing and managing organisations for innovative performance. During this one-day programme you will learn how to make your business more entrepreneurial and effective. We will show you how to recognise which ideas are worth pursuing and how to implement them in a successful business model. And by the end of the programme, you will know how to transfer these skills to others, and put pursuing opportunities at the heart of your organisation. The development of knowledge, intellectual qualities, professional and transferable skills, coupled with a pervasive international perspective on strategic marketing and innovation issues, will equip participants for middle management and senior appointments throughout the IT supply chain at home and abroad.


Class 1: Trends, insights and developments in the IT industry

During this afternoon session you will gain new knowledge about the most important trends and developments in the IT industry. You will learn how to create an effective business innovation plan, adjusting to these environmental factors and dealing with the competition. Furthermore you will obtain the skills and insights you need to defend an idea to potential business sponsors, you will learn to convert innovative ideas into full-grown, concrete business proposals, gain a critical analysis framework and a practical set of tools for assessing the potential of innovative projects, selecting them, and tracking their progress and understand how to push innovation through your organisation.

Class 2: Designing an effective IT business innovation plan

During the evening class you will design your own IT business innovation plan. You will learn all about innovation management at the strategic, organisational and operational levels. An experience lecturer will teach you how to design and implement an effective business innovation plan based on theoretical knowledge, best practices and several ITcases. The assignment will be moderated by an experienced teacher and discussed by your fellow students. The final result of this evening class is an effective business plan ready to be used in practice.


Our Masterclasses will put you at the centre of every learning experience. And it really is an experience far away from traditional classroom learning. You’ll work collaboratively with your faculty and fellow participants to bring your ideas to life in a robust and practical way. You’ll work alongside experienced people from diverse backgrounds. Throughout the masterclass, you’ll channel your learning into addressing a challenge in your own business. It’s an approach that proves real ROI to you and your company.

For Whom

The Masterclass ‘Business Development & Innovatie in the IT Industry” is aimed at management professionals in the IT business who want to develop themselves further in the field of strategy, new business development and innovation management. Examples of students who have followed this masterclass:  Business Development Managers,  R&D managers,  Project leaders of innovation projects,  TTOs, Marketing managers / directors and  Owners-managers.


Our faculty members all have broach experience as business development managers, innovation manager, change manager, R&D manager, business consultant or marketing manager. Besides this experience they all have broad knowledge about science, business modelling and strategy.


The tuition fee for the Masterclass ‘Business Development & Innovation in the IT Industry” is EUR 795,- (ex VAT). Included in the fee are two classes, catering and study material.

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